A picture of Rachel outside in natural light in a summer's day.
Stopping still in the middle of the city.

Rachel holds a MSc in Education for Sustainability and has brought emotional, social and political education to families and schools across the world. She has taught mindful living and communicating practices to children and adults, including ones living with pain and stress. She has a postgraduate qualification in inclusion and practical skills and trainings and continues to be fascinated with the process of development throughout life. She holds Qualified Teacher Status in the UK and is an AMI Montessori teacher and is experienced at working with individuals aged 2 to 18. She is training to be recognised as a Teacher of Focusing with the Focusing Institute and has attended trainings in Counselling, Nonviolent Communication (NVC), meditation and relaxation, Teacher Training for Thai Yoga Massage and is Massage in Schools MISA certified and has a qualification in DIR Floortime. She has been living in Hong Kong for the past four years where she currently works at an school combining Montessori practices with Sustainable community living, running wide community days and leading NVC workshops and groups. Rachel is a holistic, person-centred educator who synthesises deep ecology and peace education with techniques from play therapy and Mind/Body practices to create immersive educational events.

Rachel is deeply inspired by the work of Marshall Rosenberg, Miki Kashtan, Robert Gonzales and Susan Skye from the NVC community, Sara Avant Stover’s and David Deida work with spirituality and relationships, Charles Eisenstein and Satish Kumar’s deep ecology and the child development principles of Montessori, Stanley Greenspan and the healing work of Gene Glendlin, Jon Kabat-Zinn and Peter Levine, Frederic Laloux’s work on organisational change and the traditions of Yoga, Tibetan Buddhism and Taoism. There are so many more, but it’s a good start. She synthesises these traditions and relates them to the institutions of business, schools, family environments and therapeutic practices so that we can make small but powerful changes to the way we do things today.

She runs Montessori Commons website, to make the work of Montessori more accessible throughout the world and it’s Facebook page, facilitates Nonviolent Communication practice groups in Hong Kong and is a program manager at The White House eco-school communities , you can see their Facebook page here.

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